Dear friends,

A few months ago, I was meeting some Arab Christian friends who run a pilgrimage agency, and they mentioned that they were interested in the possibility of developing a pilgrimage exclusively for women. The more we talked, the more enthusiastic I became about the idea, and at last, we have finalised an itinerary!

The aim is that participants will experience the land of the Holy One through the eyes of the women of the bible, as well as meet with some of the women living here today who are continuing to answer God’s call to be faithful witnesses to the gospel.

The programme will include visits to holy sites in Israel and the West Bank as well as times of reflection, worship, bible study and lectures. We hope also to include visits to organisations such as the YWCA of Palestine and Sindyanna to learn more about what it is like for women from different communities today to live in this land.

The pilgrimage is open to women from all over the world, clergy and laity of all denominations and none, but flights are set from the US and UK. We have arranged two 7-day tours, one beginning on the 28/29 January and the other 27/28 February. The date in February will end with a retreat and women’s symposium at Magdala (I wrote about the retreat I attended earlier in the year).

We hope that this may be a time of fellowship and refreshment for all involved.

If you’re interested, you can find more information, including costs and provisional itinerary on the Biblelands website.

Please do spread the word if you think this might be of interest to your congregation members, friends, and family!


* icon of Christ with the Samaritan woman at the well via The River of Life blog.


One thought on “through the eyes of women

  1. Sounds like a fantastic idea! Would be interested but unfortunately I visited the Holy Land just the other year and I’m not planning to return in the near future. Wish this had been on offer when I was planning my last trip. Hope it is a great success.

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