So this is going to be a frivolous post. Consider yourselves warned, dear friends.

I know there’s so much important stuff going on that I should be writing about:

  • I’m delighted about the recent vote in the Scottish Episcopal Church which puts it one step closer to its priests being able to solemnise same sex marriages in church.
  • I’m a bit shaken by the Tel Aviv shooting after spending so much time there recently, and my heart aches for those involved.
  • I’m angered by the government’s response of collective punishment: the freezing of 83,000 entry permits, house raids, village closures. None of these things will help. They will only make the situation worse.

It’s been a crazy week. I had a friend visiting, and we were at Tel Aviv Pride last weekend and had a lovely couple of days of leisurely sightseeing. Then he left and I had two days of catch up and meetings. Yesterday morning I baptised a young woman in the Jordan River, which was profoundly moving — many tears and much joy. In amongst it all has been a ridiculous amount of driving. By the time I got home yesterday, I almost literally couldn’t move for tiredness. I found enough energy to drag myself to the side of the pool, where I dozed in the shade for most of the afternoon, before coming home and just going to bed.

Beautiful Stow, Scottish Borders

Three weeks from today, we’ll be heading back to Scotland for much-needed rest and relaxation. It’s the first time we will be back since moving here in November, and the first proper holiday (of more than about 3 days) since September. So the excitement is building. As much as I love it here and am adding it to my growing list of places I consider ‘home’, my thoughts are starting to turn to the things I miss about Scotland:

  • The green of the countryside
  • Feeling cold
  • The sound of the rain on the roof
  • Gothic architecture against leaden grey skies
  • Stobo Spa
  • Being reunited with my banjo
  • And my cowboy boots
  • Drivers who are merely bad, not insane
  • Indian food
  • Fish & chips
  • The Whisky Society
  • My own house and garden
  • The ease of communicating
  • Not feeling like an outsider
  • Marks & Spencer … John Lewis … Laura Ashley … Penhaligon … Lululemon … Boots … Blackwell’s
  • And, of course, all my dear friends

For those of you who are local to Edinburgh: Justin and I will be at Old Saint Paul’s for Mass on Sunday 17th July and will be in a pub in Edinburgh city centre from 5pm or so that afternoon, until late. Leave a comment, email me, or contact me on Facebook or Twitter for the location, and come along and say hi. We’d love to see you!

2 thoughts on “scotland in july

  1. Hello Kate

    I really enjoy receiving your emails. They make me realise just how difficult life must be for people living in the area you are working in and all the good work and concern you have for everyone.

    I can imagine you are excited about coming back to Scotland for your holiday. Do have a good journey home. Make sure have time to relax and I hope you manage to tick everything off on your “to do” list.

    I have put the 17th July in my diary and will try to catch up with you in a pub in Edinburgh. Please let me know which pub.

    The information you sent me for our Church Magazine was well received. Perhaps I could put another article at a late date.

    Take care and every blessing


    Sent from Samsung tablet

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