I’ve been taking pictures pretty much all my life, ever since my grandparents first let me loose with a camera at the zoo when I was a kid. I took a photography course in high school, geeking out on an old Pentax K1000 my grandfather passed down to me when he saw my enthusiasm. It’s been my way of processing experiences and emotions when words fail.

I’ve continued my photography on and off throughout the years, and recently been quite content with the odd shot on my camera phone, tweaked a bit in Instagram. You can find me over there (@katesreynolds) if you wish, but those are mostly frivolous photographs that get posted to Facebook and Twitter anyway.

Screenshot 2015-09-27 21.36.50

I regretted not bringing my dSLR last time I was here, so it was an essential item of kit and has been a faithful companion this time round. I reckon I’m going to be doing a lot of photography over the next wee while since there’s a lot that I’m already struggling to process, but I don’t want this blog to turn into a kind of boring ‘holiday snaps’ sort of place. So I’ve started a blipfoto account. If you enjoy photography and would like to follow my adventures that way, I invite you to join me there: revisedontology.

That’s all. Boring post. Apologies.

Earnest reflections will resume shortly.

One thought on “blipfoto

  1. I hope your reflections won’t always be earnest – though we all know The Importance of Being Ernest! 🙂 Sometimes a good picture can be the best reflection of all when it wordlessly helps us to understand something in a new way. I’ve been enjoying your photographs so far. Looking forward to many more.

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