ontologically revised again

I'm still here. But it's been a wee bit busy recently what with friends and family staying, normal summer Festival chaos, and the small matter of my ordination to the priesthood. It has all left me both elated and exhausted. Normal service will resume shortly, I promise.

sermon: searching for home

Gen 15.1-6; Ps 33.12-22; Heb 11.1-3,8-16; Lk 12.32-40 + In the name of God: Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer. Amen. One of my favourite books when I was a young teenager was Jack Kerouac’s autobiographical novel On the Road, a tale about his search for truth and self, set against the backdrop of hitchhiking adventures, poetry, jazz…

a week in pictures

Today I have few words. Because this was the week I submitted my MLitt dissertation. Because my parents are here. Because I have other things on my mind. But this is what I have been up to this week.